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Over the last year we have been working hard alongside the very talented team at the These White Walls company to produce multiple pieces for this amazing restaurant. It has over 180s seats and we worked on producing some of the private dinning areas, screens, cladding and the main bar deep in the belly of the restaurant.

We were able to produce a grand statement in the bar at the heart of the restaurant.  The continual, half moon sweeps around the amply stocked bar. It is made with several pieces stitched together made using craig’s techniques which These White Walls had spotted in some of his stand alone pieces he has created from previous work. This also gave us the opportunity to create a Rummiger. This engineered metal structure, holds a multitude of bottles which can revolve when using the handle pivoted on the wall.

There were several tables we were commissioned to create as bespoke one offs. There was one for the private dining area, dark rich timber fused with heavy resins and metals.

The other was in contrast made of light timber standing on an assortment of legs, arranged in a ramdom formation for the lighter, dining area on the top floor.

Throughout the restaurant, craig has sourced the timber and cladding for the distinctive reclaimed look required in the restaurant. From these sources he was able to produce screens and the reception desk, which are the first things you meet on arrival into this sensational place.

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